Persuade Your Boss: Why Your Team Should Attend

Five reasons to attend the professional development event of the year.  

Be Inspired

Be inspired by this incredible opportunity to highlight and recognise the contribution of social work to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our distinguished confirmed speakers will inspire you with unique perspectives on all we can do to further the SDGs. Whether you are just starting in your career or a seasoned professional, we can all take inspiration from amazing speakers, an enriching program, and 1,000 fellow registrants.

Make a difference

Gain expertise in your field and generate new ideas and knowledge that will make a difference in your professional practice. Use your learnings from the Conference to better support the individuals you work with, their families and your community. Share your experiences and knowledge with others, and they, in turn, will also be able to make a difference.

Contemporary solutions

The global pandemic and climate crisis have only exacerbated inequality and highlighted how interconnected we all are, something social workers know very well. The SDGs provide an essential policy framework to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, focusing on universal, sustainable, and transformative action. Now is the time to come together and find solutions. Take the opportunity to explore new ways of doing things, the latest trends, learnings and new career opportunities.

Furthermore, our region bears the brunt of catastrophic climate change and its flow-on effects, including disease, displacement of peoples and the vulnerability of women and children to poverty and violence. Now is the time to raise awareness and act.

The latest products and services

Engage with a range of exhibitors showcasing products and services in the social and community services, allied health, social justice and advocacy sectors. See how they can enhance your career and your workplace.


Draw from the energy of like-minded colleagues who are as devoted to working together for a just society as you are. Build your professional networks for the future, strengthen existing ones and learn from and inspire fellow delegates from across Australia and internationally. Discover what works (and what doesn’t) for them and how they work towards the SDGs.

Persuade your employer

Employers should invest in the knowledge and skills of their workforce by sending you to the professional development event of the year, the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Social Work Conference 2021. If you would like to persuade your employer to pay for you to attend, we have some resources to help you.


Email your employer

Show your employer why AASW Conference 2021 is terrific value as your professional development event of the year. Attach or paste this letter into an email to your manager and customise with relevant details.

Plan your Conference

If you book by the early bird date of 16 September, you will be saving your employer money. Details of the program will be released over the coming weeks, and you will be able to identify which sessions you want to attend and note exhibitors you intend to interact with.

Cost it out

Whether your employer will pay for the entire cost or a portion, or you want to show your employer that you are prepared to invest in your own professional development, this cost worksheet will help you calculate your investment in black and white. You can also use it at tax time if a work-related deduction is available to you.